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Hello and welcome to my personal corner of the web. My name is Evert, a.k.a. "everbuild". I live in the Flanders part of Belgium. As such I speak Flemish, as well as English, some French, and I vaguely understand German. I'm blessed with a wonderful girlfriend and a son. I'm very into technology in general, especially software development and video games. I also like the visual arts, architecture, history, travelling, (classical) music and many other things.

The majority of my professional life I've been active as a Java developer for two consultancy companies where I mostly did body-shopping work. Which was interesting to learn a lot and kick-start my career. I will soon be joining another company that focusses more on in-house development and is also close to where I live. This way I can spend more time with my family and my other passions.

I think my true call remains being an indie game developer. I've done some attempts in that direction, unfortunately none were very successful so far. I took a 2-year career break starting in 2009 to devote myself full-time to this, but failed to achieve anything I'm proud of enough to show. I think I failed mostly due to being over-ambitious, having totally underestimated some aspects of the process, pressure to achieve, financial pressure and off course lots of distractions (i.e. "researching" games created by others). It's easy to get depressed by failure, especially when you've committed so much to it. But I'm glad I gave up because I know I wasn't going to get anywhere with the attitude I had back then. At least I learnt a lot from it. I'm happy to be in a more "conventional" job right now and am free to explore game development as a hobby with no pressure whatsoever. I keep hoping that one day my game will be done.

I think what attracts me most to video games is the potential for immersive virtual worlds and the almost limitless creative possibilities. I truly believe the medium is yet another, albeit young art form.

Some things I made

Most of my projects are not in a state I want to show right now, but I'm working on that... In the meanwhile, this is something I made back in college which I think was pretty cool at the time. If I find the time, I'll try to add some more stuff here.

Favourite Indie games

The last few years, indie games have seen a massive positive evolution. This makes me very happy as a player because these games push the medium to never before explored territory, far away from the conservative main-stream. It also makes me very happy as a developer, because it inspires me and gives me hope that it is possible also for me.

A few wonderful recent examples

Favourite Mainstream games

Some very interesting people

Cool places on the web

Highly anticipated!

This site is still fairly limited. I might flesh it out some time...